Monday, April 16, 2007

Fourth Generation

This is the photograph Craig Stephens has made of the my drawing showing the photograph Chuck Law has taken of the drawing I've made of the photo taken by Elaine Bond of my drawing "Tree Tops".

(This one goes to akiba-kei in Nice, France)

This drawing shows the photograph Anthony Gripon has taken of my free drawing #11, the drawing that I've made of the photograph that Sarah Wimperis has taken of my free drawing #8, which shows the photograph taken by Ed Lisieski of my drawing "Building #1".

(This one goes to Edward B. Gordon in Berlin, Germany)

The drawing below shows the photograph Thomas Schlosser has taken of the drawing that shows the photograph Petra Klusmeyer has taken of the drawing I made of the photograph taken by Christian Öhlerich of my drawing Crossroad with Clock.

(This drawing goes to Stefan Nuetzel in Vienna, Austria)

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Peter said...

um, er, ... it's way to complicated for me to keep up with but I love the end results.
Regards, Peter - NZ